Sunday, 4 October 2009

Modern art in arabic culture

Part of the research for my independent project is going to be the subject of modern arabic art, so i thought I might as well get a general idea early on.
The arabic culture has gone through many rapid transformations over the past few decades, and the infusion between western and eastern culture in Arab countries is evident in their every day life. These major changes are what gave rise to postmodernism in Arabic art, as well as a change in the style of arabic artists. They have moved away from the earlier style of displaying images of the environment, nature and of culture representations, which in my opinion have become very typical and boring. The western influence is evident where many paintings have become more abstract forms of expressions. They seem to have many references and influences, which opposes the more individualistic art of the past where influences and references were very little and much more local. Artists have also come to use different and more developed techniques and materials such as electronic technology, installation, video, photographs, sculpture and performance. The ethnic and religious culture has provided arab artists with rich and complex references as well as opinions. These artists seem to have strong but sometimes conflicting views on the meaning of post modernism.

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