Saturday, 3 October 2009

Michael Craig-Martin

Michael Craig-Martin is a contemporary pop artist, mostly famous for his piece "Oak Tree". Many of his pieces consist of elements or objects of modern society. These are usually random objects put together. He also uses vibrant and bright colours to emphasize shapes and sizes. One aspect that is different about the artist is that his pieces claim to have no or little meaning. He simply draws objects relevant and essential in our everyday modern life. His techniques are a useful reference especially in terms of color and style, as they make his pieces eye-catching for the viewer.

I find that his composition is another element the differentiates him. He has an interesting approach into organizing his pieces and displaying the different objects. His works are very similar to each other, and if it wasn't for his interesting use of composition and colour they may become too repetitive and boring. Another thing i like about his work is his manipulation of size. Usually all the objects in a piece are almost the same size, so that for example a sharpener is the same size as a fire extinguisher. It's also interesting the way he flattens and simplifies objects, into their most basic forms.

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