Saturday, 3 October 2009

Cindy Sherman says:

"When I'm making the work I'm never thinking of any of the things people find in it. Sometimes I wonder if it's all a lot of crap. Maybe the work doesn't mean anything. When they're writing about it they're just finding whatever to attach their theories to. I just happen to illustrate some theories."

I quoted Cindy Sherman because I think what she said in those few sentances is so significant to us as artists. When I read it i thought FINALLY! Finally an artists that straight-forwardly admits this. As an art student I always was made to believe that the more "meaning" there is to piece, the better it is. And sometimes I find myself struggling whether or not to add meaning and how would i go about doing so. And then here it is.. Cindy Sherman, who has been an influential part of modern art, tells us that actually, people are going to find meaning anyways. They might even make it up. Just like people do with everything really, desperately scrambling for meaning everywhere. You come across other successful artists as well, like Micheal Craig-Martin, who claims his pieces have no meaning. It makes me think, is it meaning that makes a piece of work successful? or could it be purely aesthetics? I guess we all settled with this a long time ago, art is whatever. anything everything. whatever. So.. is it settled? are you most likely going to be a successful artist.. by chance? Surely not.. right? Now Cindy Sherman's pieces have become really expensive. In 1999 the average selling price for one of her photographs was $20,000 to $50,000, then the same year one of the photographs from Film Stills sold for a reported $190,000. And The Museum of Modern art bought the complete set from Film Stills for one million dollars.

Cindy Sherman gave a rise in photography, proving that it is infact a form of art. In many of her works she mocks stereotypes of women in society. In some of her filmstills she captures very typical and cliche images of women. You can tell that she is portraying these negatively through the face expressions in the photographs. She mostly uses herself in her works as a model or actress.

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