Sunday, 4 October 2009

Edward Hopper

Edward hopper may be the best known American realist of the interwar period. However, he was not always popular through his life, and was only properly realized since his death. He explores themes such as solitude and introspection through his work. His paintings always seem to reflect loneliness and isolation. He often painted public places, but with very few people, if any, and there is never a crowd. Loneliness is evident in the characters in his pieces in every aspect such as face expression and body language. Also, there is hardly ever an interaction of any kind between the people in his paintings.

Hoppers style seems to consist of realism, and an anticipation of pop art. He draws things they way they are, exactly how they are seen. A lack of creation and imagination is evident. He uses dull and very mellow colours. All these elements make his paintings less interesting. However, they are all significant to his style as they contribute to his themes. His compositions are realist, but may be symbolic in some respect. His theme of loneliness interests me, as well as his view of such an empty isolated world.

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